Top 5 Michael Jackson Songs of all Time

Michael Jackson who is hailed as the ‘King of Pop,’ needs no introduction. Listed below are the top 5 songs of Michael Jackson ever. Most of his songs are Billboard hits. However, these are the songs that defined his career. Let us get to the list:

Michael Jackson Songs

Ø Billie Jean:

Billie Jean, a song written and released in the year 1983, is the second single from the album ‘Thriller.’ Specific features of the song such as the standard drum beat that is played at the beginning of the song, the vocal and hiccups of Jackson and the song’s distinctive bassline make this song a beautiful memory even today. The song is said to have been mixed 91 times by the sound, and audio engineers before the final version of the song came out. Apart from the usual Billboard and Grammy honors, the songs also won a place for itself in the ‘500 Greatest Songs of All Time’ as listed by Rolling Stone Magazine.

Ø Beat It:

Beat It was released on February 14 along with two other songs, Billie Jean and ‘The Girl Is Mine’ in the year 1983. The song shot to fame overnight and saw great performances in charts. The song is best remembered for the famous video which featured Michael Jackson uniting two rival gangs with the power of music.  It was awarded at the Grammy Awards under the categories, ‘Record of the Year’ and the ‘Best Male vocal performance of the year.’

Ø Smooth Criminal:

Smooth Criminal is a single from his album Bad that was released in the year 1987. Smooth Criminal is the seventh song on the album and was released on 21st October 1988 and topped the charts in the Billboard. This song is considered as one among Michael Jackson’s signature songs that has been ruling the music world for decades.

Ø Man In The Mirror:

Again Man in the Mirror is a single from the album ‘Bad.’ Needless to say, the song topped all charts when it was released in the year, but the same happened when the song was re-released in the year 2009 following the death of Michael Jackson, beating all songs, it peaked at number two. One more special thing about this song is that the video of the song didn’t feature Michael Jackson instead it had montages of footages of various events that are of historical significance.

Ø The Way You Make Me Feel:

Apart from being initially released in ‘Bad,’ the seventh album of Michael Jackson, this song also featured on the compilation album of HIStory: The Past, Present, Future, Book I in the year 1995. Upon its release, the song received positive responses both from fans and critics. It also topped the Billboard Hot 100 Chart for almost three consecutive weeks. This song was also performed live by Michael Jackson at the 1988 Grammy Awards ceremony.

No doubt Michael Jackson is called the ‘God of Music’ since all his songs are very much futuristic. Most of his songs even today are as fresh as ever. His unparalleled contribution to music will always keep him alive in the hearts of music lovers even over the years.

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