How did MJ die

The life of Michael Jackson was always prone to a lot of controversies and complaints. Though his personal life wasn’t as successful as he wanted it to be, his career, his music, and dance never lost the soul. His complicated life was designed as the outcome of the disgrace and humiliation that he went through as a child. Before getting to know the mystery that surrounded his death, let us try to get a glimpse of Michael Jackson’s childhood and life

MJ die

Michael Jackson – Early Life and Childhood:

To be honest, Michael Jackson’s life did not begin well. As a kid, he was always alone and kept fighting depression. He was taunted and ignored by his father for his appearance and sadly his mother didn’t seem to care about it. A hurt Jackson spent more of his time alone. The criticism and comments that he received as a child for his appearance brought him the need to change the way he looks. The gray area of his life is the number of plastic surgeries he went through and the consequences. The worst things happened when his plastic surgeries didn’t work well and did not turn out as expected. This added to things and made him a naïve person, and he never wanted to show up in public places.

Health Concerns:

Michael Jackson’s health slowly started deteriorating when he fell prey to a lot of unwanted medicines. He had a peculiar addiction to pain killers and is also believed to have had other drug habits. Suddenly he lost a lot of weight and went weak and tired. However, a source close to him and people who saw him at work even a few days ago felt that he was happy and energetic.

Mysterious Death and Aftermath:

His death came as a shock to the whole music industry. When he died, he was just 50 years, and his death is considered as one of the 100 most shocking moments in music. Michael Jackson’s attorney Murray was along with him in his flat. However, when he realized that all was not well with the singer he tried to perform CPR which kept failing. Due to various other circumstances, he could get the required help almost 30 minutes after he saw that Michael Jackson had collapsed. As per the medical reports, his death was due to the overuse of drugs. Social media platforms faced unbelievable outpour, the servers of websites like Google, Wikipedia and other social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter crashed. The sale of his songs shot high after the death of Michael Jackson.

No matter how his life was, undeniably he is the ‘King of Pop, ’ and his death is an irreversible loss to the global music. Since a lot of people believe that there are a lot of mysteries around his death, the incident remains to be an unsolved puzzle till date.

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